thoughts while being ridden
Palm Springs: 99 degrees - thunderstorms approaching - flash flood warning. Response: another Bloody Mary and a dip in the pool.

Palm Springs: 99 degrees - thunderstorms approaching - flash flood warning. Response: another Bloody Mary and a dip in the pool.

Mixed bag

Good Morning. We sneaked out early for a nice 30 mile ride before the heat starts in and the husband woke up. Starting the barely breaking light we headed East towards Glendale and the looped around and took the bike paths out to Balboa Park and then back to the garage.

Up first was Transatlanticism by Death Cab for Cutie. My rider has heard some of there songs and thought they sounded good-ish so lets give a list. Bad idea. We completely reject this. Uninteresting pop irritation. Couldn’t finish. Blech. Blarf. Delete.

Actual Miles: 2.5      Felt Like: miles I will never get back

Then we tried Elastica which my rider picked up in a junk store the other day. He recalls being fond of a hit they had many years ago. Another fail. I think they were pretty popular for 15 minutes, but why? Derivative fake punk. Couldn’t finish. Blerf. Urpple. Delete.

Actual Miles: 2.5       Felt Like: another 2.5 miles I will never get back

Okay… lets try First Aid Kit, The Lion’s Roar. Ohhh boy. Apparently this Swedish duo live, or at least record in a cave. When we got to track number 2 ‘Emmylou’ which seemed to be about them liking country singers (they dared to name check Johnny Cash - not pardonable) and them sounding sort of like Swedish girls in a cave singing a bad country song, well we just about crashed. Glopff.

Actual Miles: not much       Felt Like: waaaayyyy too much

Got to listen to something we know we will like. Awesome Mix Vol. 1 was just the ticket. I think we talked about this before, but what a ridiculously delirious collection of pop hits form the 70’s both well known and obscure. A much needed reprieve from our bad start. We could ride and ride to this for a long time. Thanks Guardians of the Galaxy!

Actual Miles: 12.6         Felt Like: 4 (especially after the earlier glop)

Up next was Jack White’s new album Lazaretto. This seems like a collection of odds and ends. Good odds and ends, but usually his albums are a little more cohesive in terms of a musical direction. That said this was largely good riding music and we will re-visit and see if we come away a different take.

Actual Miles: 11.2       Felt Like: 8

We had a couple of miles left to go and we decided we needed a a little Kanye. My rider loved the My Dark Twisted Fantasy album. He has no other interest in Kanye - music or tabloid or otherwise. We listened to the song Runaway which is a strangely sublime meditation on what a douchebag he is. Musically rich, lyrically powerful - adore this song. Somehow that intermittent plinking piano note just send chills down my spokes. No idea why, but it speaks to me.

My rider and his husband are off to Palm Springs for a night and I will be sweltering in the garage, but such is my lot.